Star Wars Nina Gold

Star Wars: The Force Awakens casting director Nina Gold on bringing in a new generation of acting stars

Who are you?” “I’m no one.” These six tantalising words will be lodged in the brain of every Star Wars fan who has watched a trailer for The Force Awakens. But what I’m wondering, as I approach the north London house that doubled as casting HQ for the film, is whether the same question will be asked of Nina Gold’s discoveries come next year’s awards season. Gold is the person millions of fans will have to thank if the seventh in the Star Wars franchise is the gigantic hit everyone expects. She is the force behind all the new faces to appear, masked or otherwise. And yet, Gold herself, who as casting director found this generation’s Luke and Leia – John Boyega and Daisy Ridley – risks being overlooked, because hers is the only single-line credit not to have its own Oscar category. Talk of trophies might be premature, but it’s never too soon to talk how Gold has helped to transform the lives of Boyega, who plays Finn, and Ridley, who is Rey. The pair, both 23, will be catapulted into overnight stardom in dramatic fashion, particularly Ridley, who is making her big-screen debut in what is tipped to be the industry’s highest grossing movie to date. “A lot of times along the way, you think they have no idea. Really. No. Idea,” muses Gold about what lies in store for the young actors. “I don’t think anybody could possibly contemplate what a big thing it will be for them.” Originally published in the Independent read the full article here.