Shaheen Baig Casting – Assistants

Shaheen Baig Casting are looking for two people to join the team, with openings for varying levels of experience – ideally one senior and one junior assistant. This would be to start working with us from May onwards for a minimum of eight weeks and with potential for longer term.

The senior position, needs someone with experience in uploading to various casting sites, using Spotlight, arranging self tapes and speaking to agents and all the usual everyday admin tasks. We also do a lot of open calls so having some good tech knowledge and ability to organise databases is a plus! For the junior position some experience would be great but essentially we are looking for the right person, huge energy, curiosity and enthusiasm is essential! We will be working quickly so, unsurprisingly, we’re looking for fast learners etc

Just as importantly, we’re looking for some fellow Film & Television lovers to join in our chats, give their opinion and collaborate creatively with us.

You will be working closely with all members of the team, and we’re anticipating a mix of in office and remote working so your own laptop is essential.

We are based in Finsbury Park, London. Hours are generally regular but can occasionally go on late project depending.

If interested please email and please mark your email ASSISTANT WORK