2020 CDG Award Winners

The UK’s top Casting Directors were honoured on, Tuesday 11 February 2020, at the second CDG Casting Awards presented in partnership with Spotlight. Held at Ham Yard Hotel, London and attended by leading casting directors, actors, producers and directors from across the entertainment industry. This new event was the second UK Awards ceremony to celebrate the significant achievements of casting in the fields of Theatre, TV, Film and Commercials.

Casting Director Victor Jenkins, Chair of the CDG Board and Awards Committee commented: “After an excellent year for Awards for Casting Directors, we are so pleased to have hosted the 2nd Annual CDG Awards, and are delighted by the growing recognition of our craft beyond our own walls. Congratulations to all of the Winners and nominees this year, and also to the first recipient of the BAFTA for Best Casting in a Film. We look forward to seeing the results of the first TV Casting BAFTA in May.”

Theatre Production Award 2020
Musical Theatre Award 2020
TV Drama Award 2020
TV Comedy Award 2020
Film Award 2020
Commercial Award 2020