The CDG Casting Internship

The CDG Internship programme was designed by the EDI Group to provide a paid entry-level training position in casting, open to people currently underrepresented in the field, with the aim of making the profession a little more accessible. Working with Creative Access, we have recruited two interns so far one in 2022, and one in 2023.

Applications for the 2024 internship are now open HERE (deadline 5th May 2024)



Ore Olowokere (intern), with Casting Director Kharmel Cochrane


KAHLEEN CRAWFORD: “I couldn’t recommend taking part in the CDG Internship programme enough. There was great support from Ri and the team, and the process felt easy and smooth. We were the first office to have the 2022 intern, i.e. we were very much starting from scratch with her, but [the EDI Group] have drawn up a learning objectives document which is an invaluable guide/structure. You can then add to what you’re teaching the intern according to what suits your particular office, systems, and way of working.”

“Having joined us with little working knowledge of casting, seeing our intern progress to completing crucial casting assistant tasks, enjoying creative tasks, contributing ideas, and just generally settling into the work flow and our office environment was delightful. (And even though it coincided with an insanely pressurised time in the office, it was nothing but a positive experience to have her here.). We would definitely take part in the programme again in future.”


SUZANNE SMITH: “The internship offered us a valuable opportunity to nurture Ore’s interest in casting and hone her skillset. It was great to see her confidence grow in the day-to-day office administration, but also to see her flourish creatively. A fresh set of eyes on our projects, her previous experience and her eagerness and willingness to learn made the whole process of teaching her inspiring and interesting, especially when Ore had opportunities to help us in the audition room.”

“Excellent communication throughout the selection process all the way to when Ore arrived meant that she fitted seamlessly into the busy office environment and was already offered a job before she’d finished her time with us, proving how worthy a candidate she was for the internship. We believe the internship programme is a wonderful step to finding and furthering future casting trainees and recommend it as an invaluable way to support someone who deserves to find their feet.”


KHARMEL COCHRANE: “Ore is still here working away so we are thrilled!”