The Casting Directors’ Guild of Great Britain and Ireland is committed to diversity in the performing arts in all its forms. This commitment spans across our relationships with performers, production teams, and to ourselves as casting directors, associates and assistants.
Diversity is a huge topic and must be reviewed and discussed frequently. We have highlighted some active areas below which are key to us as a Guild, in delivering change.



It is the aim of the Guild and its members to achieve a true representation of our society on stage/screen. It is not possible for individuals to be ‘diverse’. It is our casting process that must be diverse.
We aim to cast consciously, and to keep performers from historically underrepresented backgrounds visible and valued in the casting process. Our goal is to ensure the representation of the following:

Women | African / South Asian / East Asian / South East Asian Diaspora people / Mixed race people / other global majority people of colour | Neurodiverse people | People from a lower socio-economic background | LGBTQ+ people | Deaf and Hard of Hearing people | Disabled people.

We understand terminology and labels can be problematic, and while we have tried to be sensitive to this we welcome feedback on how our clarification of who is under-represented is phrased.
The Guild and its members shall also strive to enable the casting of actors from all backgrounds, regardless of socio-economic status and to engage with producers and directors to create opportunity and access. The Guild will continue to engage in collaboration and discussion around the subject of diversity with our industry colleagues and other professional organisations.


It is important for the Guild to continue to widen access to the profession of casting. The EDI Group are working on more ways to encourage those from underrepresented backgrounds to consider a career in casting. Our goal is to continue to support and nurture other ways to widen access to the profession.

Accountability is key, and we have reviewed our complaints procedure, and continue to work on creating a safe space for all. Our EDI Group also now provides a dedicated email and points of contact for anyone wishing to disclose concerns. Additionally, we are working on an important outline of what support the Guild can offer members.

The Guild and its members are committed to being anti-racist and anti-oppressive.


  • –  INTERNAL DATA REVIEW: As of 2021, the Guild has conducted a voluntary internal diversity data review. Data is a crucial first step in bringing about change within our own organisation and the wider profession of casting. This data allows the Guild to move forward in a practical and valuable way.
  • –  EDUCATION: We are pleased to be able to provide our members with educational workshops, tools and ongoing advice. We have seen a shift in the world where education is at the forefront of change. The Guild has exciting internal plans to provide our members with ongoing opportunities to learn, engage and grow.
  • –  EDI WORKING GROUP: The EDI Group (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) are proactive in promoting all of the above values within the casting profession, the PMA, Equity, with actors and more. The group has now been formalised, consisting of twelve CDG members taking on varying areas of responsibility. See here for some of the bigger projects they have underway: