Fathima Abdullah was our 2023 intern, who had placements with Ginny Schiller, Vicki Thomson and Daniel Edwards

I worked as a social media assistant for an online women’s film company, had a short stint in unscripted development as well as in unscripted casting and production which consisted of developing ideas, interviewing contributors and assisting in day shoots but nothing seemed to really entice me.

I’ve always wanted to experience casting because it’s such a huge part of bringing a project to life and I think can be the “make it or break it” of a project so is important to nail it. I applied for the first round of the CDG x Creative Access internship and was glad to get it the second time round as I find casting is a great balance between the admin side of things as well as the creative side.

It’s something I’m 100% interested in and hope to gain more experience in casting for film, TV and theatre projects. One thing I’ve always wanted to experience is doing a big readthrough with the final cast and I think the more experience you have, you naturally have more responsibility in terms of going to showcases, doing generals with actors, going to performances and meeting agents and I would love to be able to do more of that.

I learnt so much about casting; being placed in 3 different offices allowed me to a big overview of how casting works for film, TV and theatre. I got a lot of hands on experience in organising meetings independently, getting availabilities, reading scripts and doing breakdowns and even providing suggestions of actors for a project before it’s even been taken on as a job by the CD. The financial side was interesting to learn about as it was something I hadn’t considered before going in; there can be quite a lot of negotiation in terms of actors engagements fees, their CAN’s, their trailers, travel days etc. and it’s interesting to see the process before things get finalised and passed onto production.

I work at United Agents as an assistant which is really helpful as agenting and casting are 2 sides of the same coin. The breakdowns that casting teams upload on Spotlight, I now suggest our clients for roles and am always rooting for them to get a tape/audition in! It’s important to maintain good relationships between the 2 sides as they go hand in hand.