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What do casting directors look for in auditions? Theatre’s hidden talent spotters reveal the secrets of their trade

What do casting directors look for in auditions? | Theatre’s talent spotters
Casting is the “Cinderella” of the entertainment industry. Or so says actor and writer Mark Gatiss. “Too little attention is paid to the vital, and by no means simple, task of finding the right person, the right mix, the right chemistry for stage, television and film,” he has said.

And The Sherlock and League of Gentlemen star is by no means the only person to think so. The Casting Directors’ Guild is so concerned that the craft is undervalued that it has launched an awards ceremony to celebrate the best in the business.

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From Game of Thrones to The Crown: the woman who turns actors into stars

Earlier this year, the casting director Nina Gold sat at the back of the stalls of the Criterion theatre in the West End and watched a group of students from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland perform their showcase. After three years at drama school, each actor had a couple of three-minute scenes to impress a silent audience of agents and casting directors on their lunch hour. Gold slid down in her seat, as if wanting to remain unseen. Every now and then, she scribbled something next to a name in her programme, drew a circle around a face.

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The Stage

Casting directors should be celebrated for their artistry

Academy Award nominee Daniel Kaluuya – it has a certain ring to it, no? Strange to think this south London boy’s rise started with the cult teen comedy-drama Skins, but then an awful lot did. Dev Patel pipped his old castmate to the nominees list last year thanks to Lion. Jack O’Connell, the breakout star of the second Skins generation who recently appeared in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, has every chance of following them after a string of searing onscreen performances.READ MORE

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We are proud to be launching our Code of Conduct

Membership of the CDG shall be conditional upon the member accepting the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is to ensure best practice amongst members of the CDG. Members are ambassadors for the profession.
This Code of Conduct will be reviewed by the Committee annually and adjusted as necessary.



Inaugural CDG Awards

Huge thanks to Mark Gatiss, Jade Anouka, Vanessa Kirby and David Gyasi for your kind words of support last night.

The Casting Directors’ Guild has announced details for the inaugural CDG Awards, which will celebrate the art of casting.
The awards, which have been set up to recognise the contribution that casting directors make to the success of productions, will cover multiple industries including TV, film, and theatre.
The first winners will be announced at a ceremony in early 2019, with members of the Casting Directors’ Guild submitting productions for consideration.

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